Sue is an RN working as a clinic Triage nurse with a large health care organization in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Like Dave, she also has been involved with BGEA Rapid Response and has deployed to areas in Minnesota during disasters. Sue has served as a volunteer chaplain for area Police, Fire and EMS.

Sue has been involved with music and putting together worship teams for events around the area. She has a passion for music that speaks to the heart. She has written and performed many songs over the years for a variety of events. In 2010, Sue and Dave, were asked to put together the worship team for the first UNTCI ordination ceremony and worldwide conference in Alabama. People from all over the world joined in the celebration as the hands on ordination and fellowship of UNTCI became a reality.

For who is God except the Lord?
Who but  our God is a solid rock?  Psalm 18:31
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Dave has been a chaplain with area hospitals and skilled nursing facilities in the community for several years. He is also a volunteer chaplain with the BGEA Rapid Response team and a member of Minnesota Responds.

Along with his community chaplaincy work, Dave has also become involved serving the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communites through face to face encounters and through online activities. Dave has reached many deaf and hard of hearing people with his FaceBook page, "People With Service Dogs".

Dave was born without hearing in his left ear and over time, his hearing in his right ear has declined significantly. As a result, Dave has been working hard to learn ASL and lip reading. He also has been working and training with his first hearing dog, Rainey.
Together, Dave and Sue have been chaplains for several years with the Central CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) team and have responded to many debriefings and defusings within the Central Minnesota region. CISM is responsible for sending a team of peers and mental health workers out to meet with Police, Fire, EMS and First Responders after a critical incident, such as an officer involved shooting, fatality or line of duty death, has happened.